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A garden sauna and/or hot tub can be a great addition to any home, providing something stylish and comfortable while also letting you enjoy your garden in a brand-new way. Getting an outdoor sauna built is relatively easy, but you need to know what kind of new sauna you want – and who will be providing it.

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At the Garden Sauna Company, we understand how to construct some of the best outdoor sauna designs on the market. Serving countless clients in Fulham, we have been able to produce hundreds of perfect outdoor sauna designs with plenty of bespoke tweaks and improvements. Our July 2024 saunas are more than just a place to relax – they can be a core part of your garden or terrace, giving you an entirely new part of the home to enjoy.

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Who Are We?

Garden Sauna Company is made up of outdoor sauna specialists with a huge pool of experience to draw from. We have spent years finding the perfect solution for every one of our outdoor sauna clients, constructing the ideal saunas for each home and garden. Over the years, our skills at creating increasingly complex and attractive outbuildings have grown, with outdoor saunas being one of the core constructions we offer to any client that wants one.

Why Choose Us for Your Garden Saunas?

We can construct all of the current popular garden sauna designs from July 2024 onwards, alongside any number of bespoke ideas – all to an extremely high standard of quality. Whether you are looking for something incredibly simple or a large, bespoke multi-person sauna space, we have the skills and connections to make sure that it gets constructed exactly as your final plan specifies.

We know how to produce an outdoor sauna to match any style and space, working with clients to create whatever outside sauna meets their needs best. Throughout all of our past projects, we have been able to work with clients of all sizes and needs, getting them the garden sauna they deserve for a reasonable price. Our work is all about making sure that Fulham clients are happy with the finished sauna outbuilding, regardless of their scope and complexity.

Over 15 Years of Experience in Garden Outbuildings

With over 15 years of experience to draw from, we know how to construct our outdoor saunas well. We have supplied garden sauna designs to thousands of homes, sites and facilities all across the UK, each with its own unique requirements and design elements. We have been able to install various outbuilding types and spaces across a huge range of different properties, from large terrace areas to small and enclosed gardens – all while still aiming for the same high standard of quality.

Accredited Garden Sauna Company Fulham

Our work has earned us a range of certifications, including ones from major organisations such as CHAS and Constructionline. We do our best to make sure that our work stands on its own, even without certifications backing up our successes. Our personal standards of quality are much higher than average, and we always aim to improve our work with each new sauna, hot tub or other outbuildings we construct for each client.

What Is a Garden Sauna?

It is easy to misunderstand the idea behind a garden sauna. Garden saunas are not technically fully outdoor saunas – most are separate sauna cabins designed for the sole purpose of offering a sauna experience in your garden. While they come in many shapes and sizes, the general idea is to have an outside sauna separate from your house, often as completely standalone steam rooms.

An outside sauna can have many different designs, and a lot of outdoor sauna cabins are bespoke projects tailored to each customer’s needs and the limits of the spare place where it is being built. This means that each separate unit can be designed in a completely different way, something that often requires a professional garden sauna company like us to do effectively.

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Garden Sauna Designs

A garden sauna works like any regular sauna, only outdoors. This means that you can usually expect an outdoor sauna to perform in the same way as an indoor one, other than the different design choices.

Most outdoor sauna cabins in Fulham have two rooms – the interior changing room and the sauna room itself. Many also include extra details like panoramic windows, full LED lighting, fresh air ventilation for improved circulation and easy-to-access temperature control equipment. There are a lot of different ways to lay out garden saunas, but most are similar in their general construction.


A garden sauna can be whatever shape is necessary to make it work, but a rectangular sauna is usually the easiest. However, some people prefer a horizontal oval sauna, which means that the sides curve inwards rather than being flat walls. Each cabin is like a small building, with the roof often being integrated into the rest of the design rather than a separate layer of materials. The shape of your sauna makes a bigger difference than you might think, and we dedicate a lot of time towards refining clients’ plans (with their consent) to ensure that they are getting the best possible version of their proposed sauna.

Barrel Sauna

A good example is the “barrel” garden sauna. Barrel saunas are oval-shaped, meaning that each barrel sauna has rounded corners and a long, smooth design. Barrel saunas are a popular choice of garden sauna and are one of the most common outside sauna designs to see on the market. This is for a good reason – they are simple, attractive, sleek, and can be highly customisable thanks to their simple layout and shape.

The barrel sauna is one of our most popular designs, and we can adapt each barrel sauna to meet the needs of the client. These wooden sauna designs are often made of the same wood all throughout their interior, with the barren sauna roof using different materials to help retain and manage heat. While it may not be the ideal shape for everybody, we spend a lot of time figuring out new ways to refine the barrel design for our clients, making sure to take their personal needs and requirements into account.

Bespoke Designs Fulham

Outdoor saunas can come in a lot of shapes and styles, so we can provide a range of bespoke options to customise your garden saunas. While a barrel sauna may be your starting point, you may want a specific changing room design or decide to include windows in unique places. While we always aim for the highest possible standard of quality, we also do our best to offer unique construction options and bespoke design approaches.

This also extends to benches, wood types, wood treatment options, and many other aspects of building the sauna. We try to accommodate the bespoke needs of our UK clients where possible, offering a range of solutions to help them get the garden sauna they are looking for. For example, we can create a custom sauna changing room based on the number of people that the client expects to be using the sauna, along with security features to make sure that nothing can be stolen from the changing area.


Most outdoor saunas in Fulham use a form of electric heater, although wood-fired heaters are common too. Electric heaters and electric stove systems are some of the most reliable options, but many people prefer wood-burning heaters for the authenticity they add. With proper ventilation, wood-fired heaters become a lot more practical, but many stick to electric heaters out of concern that the wooden sauna may catch fire (which will never happen).

The heating time of an outdoor sauna depends heavily on the heating methods used. An electric heater, like electric Harvia heaters, will often be more practical than a wood stove but will not necessarily offer the same heating speed as a fully wooden sauna system. Both wood and electric heater systems can be reliable, but they will raise the temperature in different ways, and some clients have strong preferences for one or the other.

Our Work

We have produced hundreds of garden saunas in Fulham over the years, each one with countless unique and bespoke differences that make them a garden sauna specific to that particular client. As such, our work is very varied, and we do our best to always aim for the highest possible quality with every single project we take on. Even the smallest and most basic pod saunas receive a lot of care, from the initial planning phase to the finishing touches of the design.

While all saunas offer comfort and health benefits, we want our garden saunas to go one step beyond. We do our best to perfect each one of the outdoor saunas we work on, refining each design and trying to produce the best possible outdoor saunas on the market. To do this, we have spent a lot of time improving our own work and trying to push our designs further.

Outdoor Saunas

Every one of the outdoor saunas that we have created has been designed specifically for that client or modified from an existing design that they already liked. Whether they want barrel saunas or something else entirely, we find a way to construct the ideal garden sauna for their needs without stepping too far over their budget or away from their original design idea.

We try to accommodate each client’s specific requests and requirements during planning and construction. From barrel saunas with panoramic windows to outdoor saunas that include their own hot tub design, we can make sure that each garden sauna lines up with what the client asked for.

Hot Tubs

While not garden saunas themselves, we can produce a range of electric and wood-fired hot tubs that go along with our sauna designs. This includes saunas with interior wood-fired hot tubs, exterior wood-fired hot tubs, separate hot tub rooms, or even separate wood-fired hot tubs in standalone backyard buildings. This can be installed along with the garden sauna or at a later date, keeping your options open and flexible.

A lot of our Fulham backyard sauna experience also applies to these electric and wood-fired hot tubs, allowing us to share skills between them. For example, we can produce hot tub and barrel sauna designs out of the same high-quality materials or use the wood-burning system of the sauna as the basis for a wood-fired hot tub. Each project we take on can be adapted to suit a range of bespoke purposes, all based on what the client wants from us.

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Additional Spaces

A sauna space may include a lot of additional areas that are not part of the sauna or hot tub room itself. This could mean an exterior patio area, a separate building or extension to act as a changing room, a distinct space for holding the wood-fired heating stove or electric heating system, and a range of other space options that can be customised to suit the client’s needs.

For example, let us say your sauna is meant to be used by guests. You may want a changing room connected to the sauna rather than your house, as well as extra benches to accommodate more people. The design may also need to include a hot tub, a walkway to the sauna from your house, and a safe area to locate the wood stove so that younger children cannot wander in and hurt themselves.


We put high quality first and foremost. This includes the physical quality of elements like the benches, the quality of the materials (for example, sourcing red cedar wood from reliable sellers), and even the overall performance of the garden sauna as a whole. We want to produce garden sauna designs that our clients are satisfied with, and that means looking into their overall quality and effectiveness at every stage of the design and construction process.

A sauna should be more than just a room with some benches and temperature controls. We want our sauna cabins to be equipped with the best possible sauna heat systems in Fulham, providing the best environment to relax and enjoy the warmth without having to worry about safety issues or performance problems. Each sauna we construct in Fulham is created by experts who are fully equipped to deal with the complexity of most sauna designs, as well as any unique requests from our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my outdoor sauna have a shower?

An outdoor sauna can have a simple shower set-up to allow users to clean themselves off easily. There can be a range of shower options to install there, all depending on what kind of style and design you are looking for, but most outdoor shower styles will work just fine with any garden sauna.

Can you have a sauna in the garden?

Garden sauna cabins are the easiest way to create an outdoor sauna that functions properly. The nature of saunas means that they need to be contained, and sauna cabins can be constructed to serve as miniature buildings with one or more sauna-related rooms. Garden saunas are incredibly popular for a reason, and they have become far more practical than trying to build a sauna extension directly next to your own home. In fact, these outbuildings are a relatively common sight in many homes that have larger gardens and expansive terraces.

Should I use wood burning or electric heaters in my sauna?

An electric sauna stove or heater requires electricity to heat the space properly. However, they are very quick and convenient, allowing your garden sauna to operate more effectively while often lowering the total price you are paying for heat. Wood-burning heaters are good for a garden sauna and do not require electricity, but they also need you to have a vent on the garden sauna to let smoke and fumes out of the wood-burning area.

How much does an outdoor sauna cost in the UK?

The cost of an outdoor sauna will vary heavily depending on the many variations you choose from, as well as the specific material options, dimensions, complexity and design of that sauna and its cabin. Expect the smallest and simplest models to start at around £5,500 with VAT, with that price increasing as the saunas get more complex.

Does an outdoor sauna need a vent?

Outdoor saunas do not require ventilation, but a vent can make the experience more relaxing and comfortable. Poor airflow can also make the heater less reliable, and it will be necessary to get one installed if you are using wood-burning heaters. Remember that ventilation is not going to negatively impact the sauna if done correctly and that it can actually be an important safety feature if you are worried about overheating.

Do you need planning permission for a sauna in the garden?

Garden saunas do not usually need planning permission and fall under permitted development rights. However, it is important to check just to be sure – we can help you find out if your outdoor sauna needs approval ahead of time. The larger and more complex your sauna design is, the more likely you are to end up requiring outside approval, especially if the design begins to take up too much room.

Do outdoor saunas work in winter?

An outdoor sauna can work perfectly in winter and sometimes even perform better overall. Of course, this all depends on the actual weather conditions you get during winter and the design of your sauna as a whole. A well-designed sauna will function perfectly in any weather, providing comfortable heat without letting too much warmth leak out (or allowing the cold to creep in).

How long do outdoor saunas last?

A well-made outdoor sauna can last anywhere from 15 to 25 years with the right level of maintenance and care. Without regular upkeep, this lifespan is often drastically shorter, so it is very important to keep your sauna maintained regularly. Talk with us if you are looking for advice or services relating to keeping your sauna functional in the long term – our experts will be able to help.

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If you want to know more about our sauna design options, or the kinds of features that we can have bespoke saunas equipped with, then contact our sauna experts today. We are fully prepared to add a brand-new sauna to your house garden, something that can help you relax and enjoy an open terrace in a brand-new way. It is our goal to be the best sauna company in Fulham, and we make constant improvements to our design and construction methods to achieve that goal.

Contact us and talk with our experts if you are looking for more details. Remember that a sauna can be a very major part of your routine and that you want to get something high-quality rather than settling for a middle-of-the-road sauna.

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